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The use of aerial footage, photos and data from UAVs is changing the way construction companies acquire their survey data. By using our proprietary ground control points, aerial data collection methods and Trimble’s R10 RTK GNSS system, we can produce highly accurate map data in any format requested. Other aerial data such as infrastructure inspections, thermal imagery of machinery to prevent costly break downs, publicity photos and videos, etc can all be used to a company’s advantage.


Agricultural Businesses have been one of the first adopters of UAV data collection utilizing thermal and NDVI sensors to determine crop health and soil moisture content.

Methane Detection

Methane leaks can be detected safely with UAVs outfitted with specialized cameras. Our thermographers are trained and certified to perform this type of work.

Solar Fields

UAVs are the solution of choice for quick, safe and quality survey and inspection of solar fields. HD video combined with thermal imagery can provide critical data on the condition and efficiency of each solar panel allowing the owner/operator to quickly respond to any maintenance/damage issues or potential outages or dead spots on the individual panels.

Wind Turbines

As the energy industry continues its commitment to the production of renewable energy sources and the increased deployment of wind turbines, there will also be an increased need for them to be inspected regularly for damage or outages. Our UAV teams can safely and quickly provide wind farm owners/operators with a cost effective and safe method for inspecting their wind turbine units.

Oil and Gas

The energy infrastructure of the The United States is aging and with that comes a growing concern and highlights the importance of regularly performed mandated inspections and surveys. Every year pipelines are subject to leaks and explosions from defects previously undetected. Energy companies are facing a considerable increase in assets allocated to this endeavor. UAVs provide a revolutionary method of not only capturing the necessary data required but also providing a dramatic savings over traditional methods.

Bridge and Infrastructure

Traditionally these inspections and surveys were performed by individuals on scaffolding or rope/cable deployment. This process is slow, costly and dangerous. We can provide HD Video or thermal data collected by specialized UAVs.

Thermal Imagery and Data

Our certified thermographers can provide our clients with both qualitative and quantitative data depending on the desired deliverable or protocol. This capability can be rapidly deployed on site or to a larger area utilizing either rotary or fixed wing UAVs.

Precision Aerial: THE ONE TO CALL

Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions LLC is an aerial data collection and inspection service dedicated to providing our clients with a safe, cost-effective, and efficient way to gather actionable  data for their business.

Precision Aerial has had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of “industry firsts” providing successful proof of concept flights for industrial, commercial and government entities. This experience has enabled Precision Aerial to have a unique perspective on the advances and uses of UAS  technology in a multitude of industries.

From Oil and Gas assets, Forestry and Agriculture to Construction and Bridges, Precision Aerial has the expertise and technology to capture the quality data you need using the latest UAS technology and instrumentation.

Why Precision Aerial?

Licensed Pilots

We hire only FAA certificated Pilots to fly our UAVs.

Granted FAA Section 333 Exemption #13787

We applied for and were granted Section 333 Exemption from the FAA to conduct commercial UAV flights in the U.S.A.


We are fully insured for your sake and ours.

Innovative Collaborative Professional

Precision Aerial’s staff is a collection of many disciplines, all problem solvers in their fields. We look at challenges as an opportunity to innovate and we have the talent to get the job done.


Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions

Granted Exemption Number 13787 by The FAA, We are proud to be compliant and an advocate for the safety of our client, staff and manned aviation above all else.


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